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Understanding Why I Am The Better Choice

On August 10th or before (if you vote through mail in ballot) make sure you ask yourself:
Do I want a leader or a follower to represent me?
How safe are we? Who has the experience to PROTECT and serve?
Do I want a middle-of-the-road politician or a true conservative?
Do I want to vote for a guy who’s already lost to John Salazar by 62%?

Here are the four MOST IMPORTANT differences between me and my opponent:

· Scott Tipton already lost to Salazar by nearly 2-1 in 2006.
· I am much more conservative than Tipton on critical issues including the economy, national security, congressional reform, wilderness use, and taxes.
· I am of the people, not the party.
· I’m not a nice guy.



Obama Tipton McConnell

My platform includes:

· Massive reduction in the scope, cost, and control of the federal government.
· Auditing the Federal Reserve and repealing the Federal Reserve Act.
· Decreasing government across the board by and decreasing our debt by reducing government by auditing and then reducing or abolishing departments that are not based on the Constitution.
· Defunding the IRS, repealing the 16th Amendment, and adopting a Fair Tax on consumption.
· Reducing Congressional pay, eliminating their pensions, and introducing congressional reform measures including TERM LIMITS. I have vowed to self limit to three terms;
· I believe that illegal immigration is a threat to our national security. I oppose amnesty and support securing our borders.
· Repeal the Endangered Species Act.
· Rein in the power of the EPA.
· Eliminate “roadless” areas in Colorado.
· Defeat any proposed expansion of federal control over water in Colorado.
· No new taxes, not now not ever.
· For a list of pledges I have made go to: Then hold me to every one of them.
At the end of this is a summary of Tipton’s voting record prepared by one of my supporters and based on Scott’s two years in the Colorado legislature. The Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT) rates Tipton at 73% on its “friend or foe” scale. Of the 27 Republicans in the Colorado House 11, or 41%, had more conservative voting records than Tipton. Why would you send a middle-of-the-road Republican when you have a true conservative ready to serve?

Never involved in politics. Involved in Republican Party politics in Colorado since
1976. Worked for Bush and Scott McInnis campaigns;
Served as Montezuma County GOP chair and for eight
years was chairman of the Third District GOP; ran
for this seat in 2006 and lost to Salazar by 62%;
Elected to CO state legislature for one term; decided
not to seek reelection in order to run for Congress.
Has organized and led expeditions
on Mt. Everest; Army JAG attorney Owner of pottery business in Cortez, CO for 30 years.
for six years, private practice in
employment law representing small
businesses for approximately 18 years;
owned and operated small outfitting
businesss; taught rock climbing, hiking,
horseback riding; led pack trips in Sangre
de Cristo and Zirkel Wilderness areas;
Retired Colonel, Airborne Ranger, and Not a veteran.
combat veteran.

You have a right to understand the difference between the two Republican candidates headed for the August 10th primary. Scott and I are in agreement that there will be no “dirty” politics, no mud-slinging or personal attacks. That is good news for voters. Still, there are very big and important differences between me and Scott Tipton and many of you haven’t had the chance to see us side by side. An in-person debate is truly the best way to gauge the obvious differences, but to date we’ve had only one.

I hope this brief synopsis provides enough information for you to understand your candidates. Our websites, of course, are available for you to verify any information here. If I misstate anything, please let me know by e-mailing My website is and Scott’s is

I want to be as factual as possible here, but there are certain intangibles that we need to address through inference. For instance, I can’t know for certain what motivates anyone, but I can infer this through someone’s actions. I want to be fair, but honest and sometimes that seems tough. I respect Scott, his years in the pottery business in Cortez, his service to the party, his terrific family, and the loyalty of his friends. But frankly, we are as different as night and day.


Although we are both conservatives, I am far to Scott’s right on several issues. Let me give you just a few examples. I urge you to go to each of our websites for more detailed information. Contact me or my staff at any time for questions or concerns regarding issues. This is not a complete treatment of the differences between me and Scott on the issues. On my website I address in detail twenty issues. Tipton has eleven.

When I say I am more conservative than Scott I’ll highlight three areas: the economy, national security, and congressional reform.

Regarding the ECONOMY, my platform includes:
· Ending the Federal Reserve
· Abolishing the Department of Education, and brining the function of educating our children back to our communities;
· Abolishing the IRS;
· Congress should show leadership in the economy and take a 25% pay cut

Scott Tipton’s platform includes:
· A 10% overall cut in government;
· A 50% overall cut in government (per press release of 5/18/10); Questions were raised about how this might happen ( ) and at the Assembly on May 21st, a 50% cut was not mentioned.
· We have not heard Tipton stating he will move to end the Federal Reserve, abolish any federal department or the IRS. Scott has not come out in favor of a Congressional paycut

On NATIONAL SECURITY, my position, in part, is:
· The greatest threat to our national security is our national debt (
· Militant Islam is on the rise and we are at war with an enemy our President bows to;
· Illegal immigration is a threat to our national security;
· I oppose any expansion of the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site

Scott Tipton on National Defense and Security:
· Does not on his website acknowledge the threat of Islam;
· Has no stated position on his website regarding Pinon Canyon

On CONGRESSIONAL REFORM my position is, in part:
· Career politicians are the reason we are in this mess, and they must be ousted;
· I fully support most of the proposed Congressional Reform Act which includes term limits, and elimination of all congressional perks and privileges;
· If a formal act of Congress is not passed, I will self limit to three terms (six years) as your representative.

Scott Tipton on Congressional Reform:
· No indication that he supports term limits;
· No promise, to my knowledge, to self limit his time in office;

When folks say Scott and I are “just the same” on the issues, they are wrong.


Here’s a summary of our different backgrounds:

Bob McConnell:
· Retired Colonel, Airborne Army Ranger, Top Gun
· Combat duty in Vietnam;
· Recipient of Army scholarship to law school;
· Served in JAG corps (Army lawyer) for six years;
· Practiced litigation in private sector for 18 years, specializing in representing small businesses in employment issues;
· Founder of Everest Environmental Project; leader of four expeditions to Mt. Everest;
· Owner of small outfitting business for six years; led people on horse pack trips, taught rock climbing, backpacking, mountain biking skills;
· Certified Emergency Medical Technician for eight years; worked on rural ambulance squad;
· Steamboat Ski Patrol: courtesy patroller

Scott Tipton:
· 30 years as owner of small pottery business in Cortez;
· 1 year service in CO House of Representatives District 58; resigned to seek Congressional seat;
· 20 years involvement in GOP including work in the Reagan campaigns, former Scott McGinnis campaign, service as District Chair for the Third Congressional District;
· Ran against John Salazar for 3rd CO seat in 2006; lost by 62%.


I simply cannot speak for someone else’s personality. That is for you to judge. But “personality” and character are absolutely critical in this fight. DC is filled with bullies in suits, career politicians who will try to push freshmen representatives around, force them to vote a certain way, threaten them with career-ending disaster scenarios. Power plays are what DC is all about. Who will stand up to this? These are intangibles you must assess before voting. I know myself better than anyone. Here’s what I know:

· I never give up or give in.
· I’ve never been in politics and won’t ever be a “politician;”
· I am a party OUTSIDER and intend to stay that way. In fact, all my life I have lived quite literally and happily outside. I have never fit in and I won’t fit in in DC. I don’t care. If you’re worried about having an insider with the inside track and the greased pathway to power, this is America. Please vote for someone else.
· I cannot be bullied. Combat experience accounts for a lot.
· The Republican party did not ask me to run, give me advice, or help me in any way. In fact, quite honestly, the biggest stumbling block so far has been “dug in” party operatives and politics. I prevailed anyway because,
· I know how to overcome obstacles. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome
· I am single-minded and focused. I know how to plan and execute a mission;
· I have been responsible for the lives of over 100 men in battle. There is no greater character-building experience;
· I have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for mountaineering expeditions; I know how to organize and work with large groups of people on big projects.
· I have taken an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic. I am totally committed to that oath.


I captured 45% of the delegate vote on May 21st with a fraction of the money Tipton had. In fact, he spent more than I even had. This campaign is not about who has more money. People are aching for true change – Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Jason Chaffetz won on little money and lots of hard work. I intend to do the same.

I can beat John Salazar because:

· I’ve already proven how powerful my grassroots campaign is by taking nearly half the delegates from a candidate with almost five times the money;
· I have a dedicated team who are determined to help people restore the government of the people.
· I have proven how I can inspire hundreds of people when I speak from my heart about my anger and my determination to help turn this country around;
· I have an eclectic background that includes extensive knowledge in many areas like small business, wilderness and environmental issues, issues regarding ranching and tourism. I have the ability to appeal to voters across party lines.

Scott Tipton cannot beat Salazar because, in my opinion:
· Even with the backing of the party, he could not beat an unknown with a fraction of his money;
· He does not have the ‘fire in the belly’ and this can’t be bought;
· He’s already lost once to Salazar, badly, and the Democrats will make that the hallmark of their campaign.

This is just a starting point for you to understand the vast differences between your two Republican Congressional candidates. Although Scott would not respond to 15 requests for an in-person debate from individuals and organizations, after the Assembly he told me, personally, “any time any place.” That’s great news. We intend to move forward and get your candidates out in front of you. Until then, investigate, think hard, ask questions and know that there truly is a very big difference. And I am the man to beat Salazar.

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